Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WebAnalytics Tools -Process Flow

1Just thought of sharing my experience in working with analytics tools .Before code and implementation there are lot of  efforts involved in the analytical process in Project.

What are analytic solutions???
I would like to list some of common solution used for sitectalayst.
I will disucss  in detail about all these solution in upcoming post.
Content Hierarchy
External Channel Measurement
Site Search
Advanced Download Tracking
Time Parting
Lead Capture
Self Service Support
Page Valuation
Internal Campaign Optimization
Product Category Optimization
Partner Referrals
When a new client comes in,there is requirement template which needs to be filled in by the client based on different analytics solution matching their requirements.
Once that is done then generate solution design document matching the requirements with the custom variables and efforts involved for each solutions.Then techncial solution document has to be generated with syntax and javascript code for each solution.
Once that is done ,send the technical specification document tot he developers for code implementation.After code is implemented,test the code using reporting test case with screenshots.
After testing ,generate sample reports /dashboards matching requirement and send it to the  client.

Process flow for analytical projects

Requirement Gathering: Initial discussion and gathering requirement from the client
Design: A Solution design document  and technical solution document will then be created to be able to measure marketing tactics, website behavior and end-action conversions on each website
Implement: Implementation of the technical specification document will be executed including code, tags, JavaScript
Testing :Implementation will be tested and validated  as per technical specification document
Report: Reporting, Benchmarking and Analysis can then be performed to provide insight to the client
Analyze: Analysis on sites will be performed to identify quick wins
Optimize: Optimization of sites and business can then commence through various testing methodologies including A/B, MVT and Behavioral Targeting


  1. Thank you so much for explaining the complete web analytics tools process flow. This information has helped me a lot to learn about analytics tools and their purpose. Keep sharing more useful information in future also.
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