Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Internal campaign

Need for Internal campaign

Internal Campaign Analysis will gauge the effectiveness of promotional areas of the site. The ideas can be applied to any site content region or widget that is “internal” and promoting content on your site.Many companies frequently feature various promotional efforts on their websites .Many of these internal campaigns go unmeasured in terms of site conversion or are mistakenly combined with external campaign tracking .Measuring the performance of these campaigns is a key step to optimizing your site for higher conversion

Deployment steps:

Assign a unique Internal Campaign ID to each internal promotion and pass
the ID in the query string of the URL the promotion points to.
The Internal Campaign ID should represent the lowest level of granularity
desired for reporting. Higher level attributes of each ID can be uploaded
using Omniture SAINT.
For example, the homepage may have three content regions where
promotional banners are rotated seasonally. In order to report on
performance of the content region, the seasonal content, and the
combination of region and content the campaign id would contain a value
that represents the page and region concatenated with a value that
represents the content. The higher level region only and content only
reports will be created using SAINT.
Add the id to a query parameter to url for each piece of promotional content
A naming convention for the Internal Campaign ID can be used to intuitively
know the attributes. Example: use HP to mean campaign page name was the
Homepage, Rectangle was the position, and Sku 1234 was the content.

Resulting URL on Internal Campaign Landing Page:

Setup the s_code.js file to capture the query parameter

Global JS code to capture the Internal Campaign value from the
/* Within s_doPlugins() */

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  1. I agree with this approach for Internal Campaign tracking. However, the value for the internal campaign would only be set upon clicking the banner. So how do you account for impressions of the internal campaign banners?